Oct 28 '12

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AS3 Animated Movieclip Events

Wow, it has been a busy couple months we just hit Beta at Stoic. With a little time thought I would take some time to write about AS3 animated movieclip events. There is 3 different kind of events you can listen to: ENTER_FRAME, FRAME_CONSTRUCTED, and EXIT_FRAME. So here is what is happening between these events: Event of event [...]

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Jul 12 '12

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VS2P4 extension

Wanted to share my finding of a great extension for VS 2010. It’s called VS2P4 and allows you to checkout, add, and revert your source files inside VS without opening perforce. I like the fact it automatically checks the files out soon as you change anything including:  solutions,  projects , or source files. Super easy to get running [...]

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Jul 3 '12

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MaxScript and C# value rounding

So I ran into an interesting problem last month thought I would share my findings with everyone. For our skeleton joints that don’t have a parent joint we use the max value of a long which is 4294967295. The morpheme animation engine and compiler will interpret the joint not having a parent in the engine with this value. [...]

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