AS3 Animated Movieclip Events

Oct 28 '12

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AS3 Animated Movieclip Events

Wow, it has been a busy couple months we just hit Beta at Stoic. With a little time thought I would take some time to write about AS3 animated movieclip events. There is 3 different kind of events you can listen to: ENTER_FRAME, FRAME_CONSTRUCTED, and EXIT_FRAME.

So here is what is happening between these events:
  1. Event of event type Event.ENTER_FRAME dispatched
  2. Constructor code of children MovieClips is executed
  3. Event of event type Event.FRAME_CONSTRUCTED dispatched
  4. MovieClip frame actions are executed
  5. Frame actions of children MovieClips are executed
  6. Event of event type Event.EXIT_FRAME dispatched
I currently have not found a good situation to use enter_frame. It's a common mistake don't use it at all for finding children at certain frames, in most cases the child doesn't even exist yet. For The Banner Saga UI work I have been using exit_frame to grab children and stop children from playing. This has been working really well for us, and haven't had any problems with it so far. On another note, about when testing your movieclips make sure to test it under low frame rate scenarios. I have found frames can get skipped and completely passes my events happening on certain frames, so I strongly suggest reducing events happening on specific frames.

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